SPIDER Research Programme

A significant amount of research exists within the field of Information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D). But the impact these findings have on the lives of those that have contributed to the empirical results is much less significant.

Research is integral to SPIDER’s results follow up goals and SPIDER’s research programme. SPIDER project implementation works closely with a researcher that provides additional knowledge to the implementing partner that can be used to improve project design and follow up on results. 

SPIDER’s research programme is a three pronged approach with the following components:

Programme Restrictions

The SPIDER research programme scope

SPIDER’s research programme is dedicated to results follow up on the usage of ICT for socio-economic development and its impact on society.

Projects that are supported by SPIDER are the object of study. They are also the first beneficiary of the results follow up and a very important stakeholder. Researchers and experts commissioned have various academic backgrounds but a common interest in ICT for Development.

At this stage we do not support general research grant applications such as:

  • PhD Students
  • Post doctoral research
  • Conference and travel
  • or research interests that are outside of the SPIDER supported projects

Research projects

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