Support to Scientific and Technological Activities

This project has ended

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Universidad Mayor de San Simón


April 2013 to December 2017



Bi-lateral project
picture from UMSS campus

Support to Scientific and Technological Activities

Challenges to address

This project will strengthen scientific and technological development at UMSS within the framework of the university and in accordance with Bolivia’s development policies and plans. SPIDER has an advisory role in the making and implementation of an ICT master plan for UMSS.


The Master Plan has two main sections: (1) “ICT Policy for UMSS” and (2) “ICT Master Plan for UMSS”. It is conceived to define strategies, policies, guidelines, objectives and actions to be carried out for a proper development of ICT at the university.

In order to ensure empowerment of the ICT users, relevance and legitimacy, the Master Plan has been prepared through a participatory process involving the various stakeholders at UMSS. The document is finalised and is pending approval from the university council.

UMSS - Universidad Mayor de San Simón

The Universidad Mayor de San Simón (UMSS) is a public university in Bolivia, located in the city and region of Cochabamba. Founded in 1832, it is the third oldest university in Bolivia with a student body of approximately 60 000 students.