ICT for Education and Learning

SPIDER's programme on ICT for education and learning focuses on student centric learning, where the emphasis is on access to ICT based open learning, and capacity building of teachers.
Education is a fundamental human right and it enables people to take part of society and lift themselves out of poverty. Spider works with institutions of learning and organizations to improve quality of education in and outside the classroom with ICTs. The programme will address literacy, numeracy, vocational skills and problem solving learning. Projects must be contextualized and consistent with national curricular requirements in partner countries.

Programme approach

The programme is embedded in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the main goal is number 4: Ensuring inclusive and equitable education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

It will be focusing on student centric learning, where the emphasis will be on access to ICT based open learning, making digital content available and accessible over time, and the capacity building of teachers.

The programme approach enables SPIDER partners to use outputs from previous projects as inputs to new ones to learn from previous experiences and not start from scratch with every project. Our networks provides additional value by creating a venue for knowledge sharing for enhanced results and collaboration.