Remote open learning for mathematics and health education

in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda

At a glance:


Mbarara University of Science Technology (MUST)


June 2020 to December 2020



Thematic Area?



Radios (interactive radio sessions), mobile phones (audio /videos downloaded from the elearning portal will be uploaded on mobile phone memory cards .)

Remote open learning for mathematics and health education in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda

The current COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in schools closing in Uganda and has created the need for an adoption of electronic learning and teaching. As a response, the Ugandan government launched TV-based learning for continued learning during the lockdown but this approach leaves out many learners from refugees’ families that lack access to TV sets and electricity. The project will provide learners in Nakivale settlement access to learning resources using radios, phones and supplying learning notebooks that will stimulate visual learning.

Challenges to address

In the Nakivale settlement, lack of access to TV constrains the learners’ accessibility to TV-based learning. To bridge the gap, MUST will continue to build on the previous project by upgrading the elearning portal into a Remote Open Learning (ROLE) Academy that will supplement the e-learning application with mathematics and health sciences education facilitated through interactive radio instructions, graphical mathematics learning notebooks and mobile phone learning.


The ROLE Academy will contribute to the thematic area of ICT for Education & Learning by facilitating access to quality teaching and learning resources among teachers and learners in Nakivale refugee settlement.

12 teachers from will be trained and equipped with pedagogical skills to prepare radio lessons, deliver them and upload them on the portal. The training will also teach them to create videos to enable video-based teaching and learning. The teachers and the 1347 students will access learning through Remote Open Learning (ROLE) Academy for mathematics and health sciences education delivered through radio lessons, phone memory card learning and graphical mathematics learning notebooks.


Mbarara University of Science & Technology is a public university in Uganda (MUST) and implemented ICT-based education interventions in rural underserved schools in Uganda. The team has previously worked with a SPIDER funded project in e-learning portal for Nakivale refugee schools that benefited 2198 students, 32 teachers and 24 peer educators .