ICT Regulation: Policy and Practice

This international training programme capacity builds ICT regulators to meet the needs of consumers and business in their region.

It has two programme rounds per year, for up to 25 participants from national or regional regulatory bodies in sub-Saharan Africa.

Participants are nominated by their organisations after the intitial preparation period.

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Capacity building ICT regulators


Change initiatives


Capacity building in two ways

Training and change initiatives

The programme provides training and coaching for participants in management positions at ICT regulatory authorities and policy makers at ministries to implement a change initiative in line with their organisation’s strategical direction.

Coaching skills and regional cooperation

The programme trains representatives from regional regulatory organisations to coach participants when implementing their change initiatives, and channels the change initiative work into regional working groups to harmonise efforts regionally, strengthen regional coordination and sustain results.

SPIDER support team

Representatives from regional regulatory organizations EACO, CRASA and WATRA support project partners in implementation of Change Initiatives though expertise in regulatory questions, project and risk management, follow up and other support.

Change initiatives - the cornerstone of the programme

A change initiative is a project which the participating organisations perceive to be in line with their and the country’s strategic direction for regulatory policy making and practice. The change initiatives need to be well established in the participating organisations. Some examples:

ICT for Learners with Visual Imparements

Consumer Protection Regulations

Suitable Technology and Financing Model for Rural Broadband Coverage

Auction and Alternative Methods for Efficient Spectrum Allocation

Partnership to build capacity

ICT regulation – Policy and Practice is a partnership between several organisation to build capacity for ICT regulators.

Spider co-ordinates the programme with specialist support from the Swedish regulatory organisation PTS (Post and Telecoms authority) and with cooperation from regional regulatory organisations in Eastern and Southern Africa. Additional technical expertise is provided by Ericsson and Stokab.