Change initiatives

Change initiatives are the corner-stone of the International Training Programme “ICT Regulation – Policy and Practice”. A change initiative is a project which the participating national regulatory authorites see as timely and in line with their and the country’s strategic direction for regulatory policy making and practice.

These change initiative projects have been initiated by participants in the programme.


Country Change initiative
Kenya Development of A Framework for Spectrum Auctions in Kenya
Kenya Framework for Incentives to Operators to roll out communication services in unserved and underserved areas
Kenya Network Redundancy, Resilience and Diversity (NRRD) of ICT Networks in Kenya
Rwanda Fibre and Towers rollout and keep records
Rwanda Regulatory analysis of OTTs on Telecommunications Market in Rwanda
Rwanda Spectrum auction as an alternative method of spectrum allocation in Rwanda
Uganda Development of a coordination platform for underground communication infrastructure
Uganda Development of Radio Spectrum Authorisation Framework for Uganda
Uganda Expansion of the Broadband Connectivity to the underserved areas
Uganda Radio Spectrum planning framework
Uganda Spectrum Pricing Methodologies (for Determining Spectrum Fees)
Botswana Review of Quality of Service Guidelines (QoS) and Development of Quality of experience (QoE) Guidelines and Monitoring solutions
Eswatini Application of Competition Law Principles and Best Practices in Electronic Communications in Eswatini
Eswatini Introducing and Implementing Quality of Service (QoS) as a Practice
Eswatini Market efficiency; Market review for the broadband internet access from a mobile terminal and broadband internet access from a fixed location
Mozambique Auction and Alternative Methods for Efficient Spectrum Allocation
Mozambique Dispute Resolution Framework
Mozambique Proposal for Telecom Consumer Protection Regulation
Mozambique Suitable technology and financing model for rural broadband coverage
Namibia Consumer Protection Regulations
Namibia Corporate Governance Framework (only phase 2)
Namibia Institutional and Legal Framework for Broadband Policy
Namibia Proposed Regulations to Ensure Fair Competition in the Telecommunications Sector
South Africa ICASA’s Institutional and Legal Framework
South Africa Improving Consumer Protection and Strengthen of Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement of Consumer Protection Regulations
South Africa Over the top services: Competition Matters
South Africa Spectrum Management
Tanzania Future Regulatory Issues
Tanzania Assessment of Competition in Telecommunication and Broadcasting Markets
Tanzania Management of Optical Fiber Cable Digging
Tanzania Spectrum Management
Zambia Application of ICTs in Human Capital Management to enhance continuous development and learning
Zambia Emerging Issues and Targeted Groups (Online Risks for Women and Girls survey)
Zambia Enhanced Capacity to Undertake Economic Regulation at ZICTA
Zambia ICT for Learners with Visual Impairment


Country Change initiative
Angola Ensure that limited resources, such as frequency, are assigned and managed efficiently
Angola Implementation of number portability
Angola Infrastructure Sharing in Angola
Angola Monitoring, compliance and enforcement
Monitoring and supervision of quality of service with implementation of reports on quality of service
Kenya Development of a spectrum trading framework
Kenya Improve compliance matrix- interconnection
Leshoto Framework for measuring and monitoring the state of e-government
Leshoto Review of LCA’s licensing procedure
Liberia A roadmap towards establishing a regulatory regime for the administrative/technical management of the top level domain.
Liberia Regulatory Analysis of the impact of Quality of Service (QoS) on Consumer Protection
Malawi Competition promotion, assessment, analysis and interventions (remedies) and economic regulation for ICT services
Malawi FM Band Re-farming and development of DSB framework
Rwanda Development of a strategic  Spectrum Roadmap towards Mobile Broadband in Rwanda
Uganda Development of the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) Regulatory Impact Assessment Framework 2019-2025
Uganda Guideline on development of spectrum fees Development of a guide for determination/setting of spectrum fees
Uganda UCC Framework for Sharing Spectrum
Zimbabwe Broadband deploymment strategies for rural areas
Zimbabwe ICTs for people with disabilities
Botswana POLICY FRAMEWORK – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Eswatini Developing a framework for collecting ICT Indicators for ESCCOM
Eswatini Review and Align the Spectrum Management, Licensing, Quality of Service and the Universal Service and Access Legislative framework to the current best practices and International Standards
Mozambique Spectrum policy in Mozambique
Mozambique The economics of telecommunication’s infrastructure sharing – the case of mobile national roaming for universal access
Namibia Implementation of Consumer Protection Regulations and Education
Tanzania Implementation of Digital (electronic) Signature
Tanzania Strategies for  fostering ICT to People with Special Needs
Zambia Collaboration between regulator, consumer agency and private interest groups
Zambia Measure the stock and flows for e-waste in Zambia


Country Change initiative
Benin Setting up policy and charging control for OTT services
Burkina Faso Public consultation of quality of experience (QoE) for the improvement of quality of service (QoS) in telecommunications networks in Burkina Faso
Burundi Cost modelling and pricing regulation
Côte d’Ivoire A functional cost model for infrastructure sharing in Côte d’Ivoire
Guinea Regulatory Approach Adaptation to New Services
Kenya Development of a modern frequency spectrum management and pricing framework
Liberia Development of Equipment Type Approval Regulations
Liberia Implementation of the .lr ccTLD management framework (Consultation, Adoption of Administrative Regulations and Re-delegation)
Mali Portability of numbers in Mali
Niger Accessing the best strategy for rural broadband access in Niger
Nigeria Cross-Border Frequency coordination within the African Region
Uganda Framework for monitoring and reporting broadband service coverage in Uganda
DR Congo A Framework for the Adoption of Universal Services Policy in the DRC
Leshoto Review of Competition Management Regime (RCMR)
Malawi Accounts Separation for Dominant Market Players
Mozambique The Telecommunications Data Protection and Privacy Regulation
Rwanda Regulatory framework for consumer protection in digital era
South Africa Facilitating the accessibility of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) services by consumers in rural areas
Tanzania Development of Radio Frequency Spectrum Strategy
Tanzania Management of Optical Fiber Cable Digging
Zambia E-Waste Management – Measurement of life cycle of devices
Zambia Collaboration between key stakeholders to promote effective and efficient regulation in the ICT Sector
Zimbabwe Regulatory tools/practices to deal with Emerging Online and platform – based business models
Tanzania Implementation of Digital (electronic) Signature
Tanzania Strategies for  fostering ICT to People with Special Needs
Zambia Collaboration between regulator, consumer agency and private interest groups
Zambia Measure the stock and flows for e-waste in Zambia


Country Change initiative
Burundi Regulatory Framework for Combating against theft of ICT terminals, the Importation, Supply and Use of Counterfeit/Substandard Terminals in Burundi
Kenya Spectrum transfer guidelines for Kenya
Tanzania Developing strategiesfor Implementation of ICT/Telecoms Infrastructure in Dodoma City
Uganda Development of a framework for Valuation and Pricing of Spectrum Resources
Liberia Quality of Service
Mozambique Universal Access 2.0
Nigeria Development of a Regulatory Framework for Digital Service Providers (DSPs)
Zimbabwe Online licence application platform


Country Change initiative
Eswatini Implementation of Regulatory Accounts Separation for Vertically Integrated Broadband Market Players”.
The Gambia Interconnection, Access & Co-locations Regulations
Guinea-Bissau Competition and Regulation Policy in Telecommunications
Guinea-Bissau Market Competition and Price Regulation in the Telecommunication
Mali Protect ICT/Telecommunication consumers
Namibia An Assessment on whether there is a need to regulate Online Broadcasting (streaming) services in Namibia
Rwanda Regulatory Analysis for Consumer protection on Electronic Communication in Rwanda
South Africa Equipment Authorisation
Zambia Enhancing Regulatory Collaboration in the Mobile Digital Financial Services Ecosystem


Country Change initiative
Benin Introduction of SND (Software Dynamic Networks) type virtual network based on 5G technology, what regulatory adaptability for a resilient and prosperous mobile communications market?
Botswana Review of BOCRA Interconnection Guidelines of 2006/07
Burundi Principles and cost models for infrastructure sharing
Democratic Republic of Congo A Review of Consummer Protecion Regulatory Framework in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Ghana Implementing an Effective Regulatory Regime in the Era of Convergence: The Case between Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Value Added Service (VAS) Providers in Ghana
Kenya Development of a 5G/Emerging Technologies Regulatory Sandbox Framework for Kenya
Liberia Implementation of Liberia Telecommunications Authority Quality of Service Regulation (LTA-QoSR)
Malawi Establishment of internet data corridors into Malawi
Tanzania Developing Strategies for Implementation of ICT/Telecoms Infrastructure
Tanzania Guidelines for Cloud computing services in Tanzania
Tanzania Green ICT guidelines in Tanzania
Zimbabwe Financing Mechanisms and Frameworks to support broadband deployment in rural Zimbabwe