Open access policy development in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to make more digital content available

This project has ended


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EIFL – Electronic Information for Libraries


April 2016 to March 2018


Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

Thematic Area?

Transparency & Accountability/Education/Health


Open Access, Open Education Resources Repositories

Open access policy development in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to make more digital content available

This project builds on the previously supported project “Open access in east Africa”, by adopting and implementing Open Access (OA) policies at institutional and national level.

The project targets the same universities as previously, where EIFL built awareness on Open Access among different stakeholders, which resulted in new OA repositories and OA journals. A university library consortium has been established at each university and the infrastructure has been built.

Challenges to address

There is a lack of free and open digital scholarly content from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. This type of content can help solve local problems, boost development and improve teaching and learning. The momentum to embrace open access (OA) initiatives in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda has been building up, but the growth of digital content, accessible via in internet, is still slow.


In order to have more digital content available EIFL needs to work with Universities and senior management to formulate and adopt more policies mandating open access to research output. Policies need to be integrated in institution’s strategic plans, processes, workflows and culture.

The project will set up institutional OA policy task forces among the 16 partner universities. These task forces will adopt OA policies, implement them and monitor the implementation. Workshops, webinars and capacity building events for OA advocates, OA repository managers and OA journal publishers will be held to enhance capacities of the target groups.


EIFL - Electronic Information for Libraries

EIFL is an international not-for-profit organisation based in Europe with a global network of partners founded in 2003.

Working in collaboration with libraries and library consortia in more than 60 developing and transition countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, EIFL enables access to knowledge for education, learning, research and sustainable community development. With the consortia approach EIFL is able to reach a lot of institutions.