COVID-19 and 2020 Elections Data Challenges

This project has ended

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Phandeeyar Foundation


July 2020 to December 2020



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Transparency & Accountability


Open Innovation Platform


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COVID-19 and 2020 Elections Data Challenges

COVID-19 and 2020 Election Data Challenges will promote transparency and provide a centralised platform to quickly deliver impactful data solution and products for the fight against COVID-19 and contingencies.

The project will contribute to foster a resilient, highly-skilled and collaborative data community in Myanmar. In so doing, it will nurture a collaborative platforms that will provide spaces for meaningful exchange between members of the Myanmar data community to work together for solutions and products for the fight against COVID-19 and other challenges relating to 2020 election.


During project implementation three data challenges around the COVID-19 and 2020 election topics will be organised including the following activities:

  • Project launch
  • Information session
  • The coaching of participants
  • The Creation of a dedicated page to showcase the Products
  • Developing two new features for the Open Innovation Platform like the access to past challenges data, leaderboard of participants, et cetera


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