i-READY Mozambique

This project has ended

At a glance:

Partners: The International HIV/AIDS
Alliance and REPSI


January 2018 to June 2019



Thematic Area?

Health and Wellbeing

ICTs: On-line platform and pop advert

i-READY Mozambique

This project will integrate ICT components into the READY+ project (Resilient & Empowered Adolescent & Young People), that the International HIV/AIDS Alliance (the Alliance) is currently leading with consortium of partners in Mozambique, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Uganda and Ethiopia. In Mozambique, the implementing partner REPSSI will development en on-line platform ‘READY Matters with the youth-led HIV network.

The key groups are adolescents (aged 10-18 years) and young people (aged 19-24 years) living with HIV, at  risk of HIV or affected by HIV. This includes disabled, adolescents using drugs, selling sex or sexual minority, not in school, homeless, teenage mothers, married adolescent girls and boys.

The i-READY Mozambique project will resilient and empower adolescents and young people who are better informed and make healthier choices. The project will increase access to, and use of, high quality HIV and SRHR services and commodities by young people living with HIV that are responsive to their specific needs.

The project is a join Partnership between SPIDER and International HIV/AIDS Alliance in collaboration with REPSSI.

Challenges to adress

i-READY will address the availability of accurate HIV and SRHR information on how to access youth friendly and relevant services in the districts of Maputo and Beira in Mozambique.


i-READY Mozambique will produce targeted Facebook adverts to promote friendly services. An on-line platform will be developed for ‘READY Matters’ to provide relevant SRHR information. Facebook advert will be produced to promote the use o’READY Matters’

SDG’s selected for the follow up.

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance (the Alliance) was founded in 1993 to support community groups in countries most affected by the global HIV crisis. The Alliance offers a vision and a way of working that would put communities at the centre of the response in order to provide effective local solutions. They currently work with communities in over 40 countries to take local, national and global action on HIV, health and human rights.

i-READY Mozambique

REPSSI is an African psychosocial support organization. REPSSI is established and worked in 13 countries across East & Southern Africa to promote an enable good environment for communities and families to preserve and nurture the psychosocial wellbeing of boys and girls.