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Jan 2017 to Dec 2018




ICT4D Cambodia Network

Challenges to address

During the past five years the use of mobile phones, social media and the internet in general has taken Cambodia by storm. Many development initiatives are using digital tools to accomplish more and reach more people. There are also numerous development hubs that focus on innovation and social development but there is no common platform or overview of who is doing what and what the lessons learned are.


The ICT4D Cambodia Network will work towards unifying the ICT4D landscape in Cambodia and creating an overview where a wide array of actors opportunity to learn about initiatives and experiences.

The ICT4D Cambodia Network will map all ICT4D actors and initiatives in Cambodia, hold regular thematic events in Phnom Penh focused on the use of ICT in various areas of development, produce annual reports on the status of ICT in various areas of development and organise a National ICT4D Workshop in conjunction with the Cambodia ICT Awards to highlight the use of ICT in development in Cambodia.


Open Institute Cambodia

Open Institute Cambodia was founded in Phnom Penh in 2006 committed to and interested in contributing to the development of a democratic and just society by facilitating and promoting information, communication and knowledge sharing in society through all means and tools.