ICT4D Solution Incubator Cambodia

This project has ended

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InSTEDD iLabs South East Asia


June 2016 to February 2019



Thematic Area?

Transparency & Accountability


A wide variety of software solutions where the focus is to find or adapt the appropriate solution to the needs of each organisation

ICT4D Solution Incubator Cambodia

Challenges to address

The use of mobile phones and social media has grown very rapidly in Cambodia in the past few years yet many Cambodian NGOs do not have the skills or knowledge to effectively use this and other communication tools in their work.

InSTEDD will provide an opportunity for local organisations to familiarise themselves with the solutions and tools available but also an opportunity to answer specific questions and problems to which the developer team will try finding suitable solutions. Selected organisations will get continuous support in developing prototyping and piloting a solution.


InSTEDD will organise Open Thursday events, open for organisations to visit and learn about available tools and solutions. iCamp events to focus on a particular issue or organisation to generate ideas that could be further developed into a prototype. The project will support ten organisations to develop prototypes, four prototypes will be refined and finally the most promising two will be piloted.


InSTEDD iLabs South East Asia

InSTEDD (Innovative Support to Emergencies Diseases and Disasters) headquarters in California, USA and focuses on improving global health, safety and sustainable development by co-creating tools and support collaboration together with end users. The local branch InSTEDD iLabs South East Asia was founded in 2008 and has collaborated with SPIDER since 2012.