Increasing Access to Digital Health in Rwanda

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Babyl Rwanda


July 2020 to December 2020



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Digital referral and consultations via mobile application.



Increasing Access to Digital Health in Rwanda

SPIDER continues the partnership with Babyl Rwanda

Challenges to address

With shortage of health workers and challenges in making quality health care available to all Rwandans, digital health solutions have a key role in extending services to areas remote to health centres. 86% of Rwandans live in rural areas where awareness and trust building in digital health must be achieved.


This project will focus on capacity training of Babyl District Managerss and Health Centre Assistants, who play a vital role in supporting our customers’ end-to-end experience. HCAs are stationed at our partner health centers, and are responsible for introducing the concept of digital health and Babyl’s services to patients who visit health centers.

Once the patient chooses to have a consultation over the phone with a Babyl nurse or doctor, HCAs are also responsible for ensuring that these patients’ lab test results are uploaded onto our internal system, allowing for a follow up consultation, and helping the patients redeem their prescriptions.


Babyl Rwanda is the largest digital health provider in Rwanda, with over two million registered users and nearly 1,5 million consultations performed. Babyl provides users services like mobile prescription management and access to patients’ lab test results and referrals to health experts.