Public Awareness of and Engagement in Government Service Delivery

This project has ended

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Open Development Cambodia
East West Management Institute


April 2016 to September 2018



Thematic Area?

Transparency & Accountability


Online Platform

Public Awareness of and Engagement in Government Service Delivery

Challenges to address

In Cambodia information about land concessions, industrial development, laws and public services are often only available in printed form and hard to find. Without accurate and accessible information about public services, it is difficult to make informed decisions but people are also vulnerable to misinformation and additional fees.


The project will gather information about public services, requirements for an process of obtaining common documents and licenses and the location of health centres and schools . This information will be shared online as maps infographics and documents.

The information is gathered either through researching available documents or by visiting schools, health centres and Commune Sangkat Offices. The data is verified, compiled into open data datasets and published to the Open Development Portal. Profile pages, maps, infographics make the data accessible to a wide audience.


Open Development Cambodia

Open Development Cambodia, ODC, is local NGO based in Phnom Penh that was formed to maintain online platform Open Development Cambodia which was created in 2013 by East West Management Institute with support from SPIDER. ODC promotes and builds capacity in open data and develops and maintains the online platform to make information available for an open and transparent society.

East West Management Institute

East West Management Institute was founded in 1988, as an independent not-for-profit organization, and focuses on crafting functioning democratic systems in societies in various forms of transition. EWMI has been active in Cambodia since 2013 primarily focusing on right of law, governance and transparency and accountability.