Open Development Myanmar

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Phase 1: February 2017 to December 2017

Phase 2: March 2018 to June 2018


Myanmar (Burma)

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Transparency & Accountability


Open data

Online platform

Open Development Myanmar

Myanmar is in the midst of a historic transition period. Through this transition, it is critical that the data relating to the country’s development be tracked and made openly available to support transparency and data-driven advocacy and reporting.

Challenges to address

Open Development Myanmar aims to solve two specific problems:

The data that is currently publicly available is siloed in various places both online and offline, they are not digitised and/or in a format that is easily understandable, comparable or analysable.

Having the data readily available is not enough. For transparency to improve, this data has to be used by media, civil society and other actors.


Phandeeyar will design, develop and roll out new features for the Open Development Myanmar portal. Examples of features that might be added include interactive dashboards and map layers, a database of laws in Myanmar and showcases of data driven projects produced by the community that use data from the portal.

Phandeeyar will also help users contextualise the datasets, documents, and features on our portal, will research, write and publish data driven stories that give concise explanations of the data and the context around particular topics.

A network of organisations that collect and produce publicly available data and publications, will be offered to directly upload data and documents to the portal. 


Phandeeyar is a technology community hub designed to support social innovation, civic tech and ICT4D in Myanmar. Phandeeyar brings the tech community together with others who are moving Myanmar forward – such as civil society organizations, social enterprises and independent media – to build the digital tools, platforms and content to accelerate change and development.

Open Development Myanmar

Open Development Myanmar is based on the Open Development platform developed by East West Management Institute. The first platform was Open Development Cambodia that was launched in 2013 and its regional sibling Open Development Mekong opened in 2014.