Strengthening Domestic Accountability and Empowered Citizenry Through ICT

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Volunteers for Sustainable Development in Africa


December 2020 to March 2021



Thematic Area?

Transparency & Accountability


Digital Technologies for Transparency and Accountability

Strengthening Domestic Accountability and Empowered Citizenry Through ICT

The project makes public data about COVID -19 response, including funding and resource utilizations, accessible through various ICT platforms, including open data, social media, and radio platforms. It is also fighting the proliferation of COVID 19 misinformation through awareness about the pandemic and public services that benefit the vulnerable population.

Challenges to address

As COVID 19 gains ground in Africa, Liberia’s government and partners spend millions on treating patients, buying equipment, supporting workers, and providing food aid. Nevertheless, the government is not sufficiently communicating to make the populations aware of significant development. There is limited information about the number of healthcare facilities sustained, companies funded, and procurement of vital equipment and vaccines. Lack of communication is counterproductive. It allows mismanagement unchecked and puts the vulnerable population at-risk.


  • Design and customize the “Transparency and Open Data Liberia” web platform.
  • Collaborate with partners and launch project/platform.
  • Work with Ministry of Health to gather data related to COVID 19 response funding and health support programs.
  • Validate and disseminate information on various ICT platforms (web portal, social media, and radio).
  • Design interactive live call-in radio programs for relevant stakeholders to respond to citizens’ concerns regarding COVID 19 funding and health-support programs.
  • Produce video for awareness-raising related to public healthcare policies relevant to COVID 19.
  • Using weekly radio broadcast and social media platforms, create awareness among key stakeholders about transparency.
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Volunteers for Sustainable Development in Africa

VOSIEDA is a Liberian development organization working to promote prosperity, reduce extreme poverty, and strengthen stability in West Africa’s Mano River Union Basin (Liberia, Guinea, Serra Leone). VOSIEDA runs media campaigns to educate communities and generate public demand while placing development challenges on public agenda to reach influential stakeholders effectively.